Steve Vai: Revolution Live

“Some people collect stamps, some people collect butterflies – I collect rock stars”

Robert Knight

I’ve been collecting rock stars for years now and I feel good adding this one to the collection… When Steve Vai played Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale on August 15th, he announced to the crowd that it was his first show in 5 years.  Hard to believe a guy that so obviously LOVES being in front of a crowd and in the spotlight so much, hadn’t been on a stage in so long. The venue was beyond-packed and was a very mixed crowd with both the kind of rock and roll fans I expected to see and then a whole new young following who seemed to be there for the experience.  As usual, I was given 3 songs to take in the experience up close and personal… that I probably would have enjoyed more if I had brought my handy photo-pit ear plugs that help me to withstand leaning directly up against the speakers for the right shot.  The time frame feels different with every show.  In this case, I thoroughly enjoyed Vai’s 10-minute progressive riffs, because they gave me plenty of time to get the shots I needed and to enjoy the whole experience.  Vai is a total ham on stage, so it made my job easy – he played the first 3 songs with 3 different guitars… the most ornate being a mirrored guitar with blue led lights.  When he wasn’t flirting with the audience, he was flirting directly into my lens… and I have photos in my collection to prove it.  View the whole gallery at!